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Rob Lee Creator of Fireman Sam
Rob Lee Creator of Fireman Sam

Cardiff born Rob Lee is a crime thriller writer whose books Half Moon Road, Blood Road and Penitence Road are set in fictional Coquina County in Florida, and feature ex Philly cop  now private investigator Brad Lovett. Rob's latest novel Words Can Kill is a thriller set in London featuring disgraced crime reporter Harry Kinsella.


Rob's former career began in London as an artist and writer for children's comics. 


Moving into animation, Rob worked on Mike Young's Superted series before originating several networked concepts. Amongst these were the hugely successful BAFTA nominated Fireman Sam (in conjunction with London firemen Dave Jones and Dave Gingell), and Joshua Jones for the BBC and S4C.  


Also, in partnership with entreprenuer Jim Driscoll MBE, Rob designed the BAFTA nominated Shoe People, The Oggies and Digswell which had the unique honour of being displayed on a Soyuz rocket and launched from Russia to America where it landed in the waters off Seattle on Thanksgiving Day. Amongst his current work is Aliens In My Backpack and Calling Oscar India as well as Cruel Aliens, an animated sitcom originated  by Red Dwarf creator Rob Grant.


Alongside his TV output Rob has written and illustrated many children's books.

When not writing crime fiction novels  Rob juggles the origination of cartoon concepts with painting. His work can be seen at

A small selection of my work

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