Half Moon Road by Rob Lee Creator of Fireman Sam


                         Available as an ebook   ISBN 978-1-909105-07-2



Walking a deserted stretch of Rosarey beach in the wake of a tropical storm you stumble across a washed-up boat laden with eighty million dollars in shrink-wrapped, non-sequential bills and a cell phone containing solely Spanish communications. What do you do?


A dilemma ex-cop Brad Lovett and a handful of disparate beachgoers are faced with one sultry Florida morning. One that leads them into a perilous future co-inhabited by ruthless Mexican cartel lord Ricardo Mendez and a CIA unit neck deep in a highly sensitive covert deal. One that if exposed would unravel with disastrous consequences all the way to the front stoop of the White House. A scenario neither the CIA nor Mendez are prepared to condone.


Under threat from all sides, and with the body count rising, into the mix steps local mobster Anthony Bocho intent on his slice. Brad and the others find themselves traversing a narrowing landscape where the longitude and latitude of danger precisely criss-cross.


Against this life or death backdrop we discover there is more to the beachcombers than is at first apparent.


Murder, betrayal and conspiracy ooze through the pores of Florida's slick underbelly in Rob Lee's compelling and powerful portrayal of America's sunshine state.

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