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Penitence Road


ebook ISBN 978-1-909105-11-9

When PI Brad Lovett receives a cell phone video from reporter and close friend Paul Favre, celebrating a birthday in Pinky's, a New York nightclub, he couldn't know, a week later, Paul would be found dead of a massive heroin overdose. And that two other revellers on the video would also soon be dead, another in hiding, in fear of her life.


Brad travels to New York, where, following in Paul's footsteps, he enters a web of deceit and cold blooded murder as he uncovers a dark secret whose seed lay in Hitler’s death camps decades earlier. Its lengthening shadow threatens to engulf one of America's richest and most renowned entrepreneurs, Sition's  president Jonathon Irwin.


The search for truth draws Brad into deadly confrontation with ruthless corporate power and shadowy government forces.  Against a backdrop of widening conspiracy, the hunter becomes the hunted, and right and wrong is as intangible as a wisp of smoke.


Murder, betrayal and conspiracy ooze through the pores of Florida's slick underbelly in Rob Lee's compelling and powerful portrayal of America's sunshine state.

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